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Different Type of Checker Plate

Checker Plate

Checker plate also called chequered plate with galvanized steel, aluminum steel and stainless steel materials, can be used in flooring and ceilings.

Aluminum Checker Plate

Aluminum checker plate also called aluminum tread plate with anti-corrosion feature, is usually used for commercial and industrial flooring needs.

Galvanized Checker Plate

Galvanized checker plate with the anti-slip and anti-corrosion feature is used in the chemical places, factory flooring or stair treads.

Stainless Steel Checker Plate

Stainless steel checker plate with highly corrosion resistance and good anti-skid effects, has excellent physical and chemical properties.

Diamond Plate

Diamond plate is a metal plate with raised surface. For the feature of anti-slip and decorative, it is usually used in the floorings and interior designs.

Round Safety Grating

Round safety grating, a uniform plate with round holes and a channel shape which has the feature of slip-resistance, is used as floors, stair treads.

Diamond Safety Grating

Diamond safety grating is a standard serrated diamond rigid plank. The raised surface can supply sufficient slip-resistance in all directions.

Serrated Bar Steel Grating

Serrated bar steel grating with a welded type with serrated top, which offers a anti-slip surface is commonly used as anti-skid stair treads or platform.

Expanded Metal Grating

Standard type of expanded metal grating with the anti-skid function, can be used as the anti-skid floors or stairs in the walkway or platform.