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Diamond plate in aluminum, galvanized and stainless steel

Diamond plate is also called checker plate and chequered plate. It is a lightweight metal sheet with a raised and rough surface on one side. Diamond plate is made from aluminum steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel sheet. The main feature of the checker plate is anti-slip and decorative. It is usually used in the flooring and decoration of furniture, interior design and so on.


  • Material: Aluminum steel, galvanized steel and stainless steel sheet.
  • Pattern: Diamond pattern, willow leaf (2 bars and 5 bars), lentils pattern (hyacinth bean and round bean) and round pattern.
Thickness of the base sheet (mm) Base width of riffles (mm) Weight (kg/m2)
Diamond Pattern
2.5 5.0 21.0
3.0 5.0 25.1
4.0 5.0 33.5
5.0 5.0 41.8
6.0 5.0 59.0
8.0 5.0 66.0
10.0 5.0 83.0
12.0 5.0 99.3
Lentil pattern
2.5 3.6 20.1
3.0 4.0 24.2
4.0 4.0 32.2
5.0 5.0 40.5
6.0 5.0 48.5
8.0 6.0 64.9
10.0 6.0 80.9
12.0 6.0 96.8
Round bean and hyacinth bean of diamond plate lentil pattern.

DP-01: Diamond plate pattern - lentil.

2 bars and 5 bars of diamond plate willow leaf pattern,

DP-02: Diamond plate pattern - willow leaf.

Diamond pattern of diamond plate.

DP-03: Diamond plate pattern - diamond.

Round pattern of diamond plate.

DP-04: Diamond plate pattern - round.

A piece of stainless steel checker plate with diamond projections.

DP-05: Stainless steel checker plate.

A piece of iron checker plate with diamond projections.

DP-06: Iron checker plate.

A piece of aluminum checker plate with diamond projections.

DP-07: Aluminum checker plate.

A piece of galvanized checker plate with diamond projections.

DP-08: Galvanized checker plate.


  • Resist slip. The raised and rough surface supply the mechanical strength of the sheet.
  • Resist corrosion and rust. Galvanized material can protect the plate from corrosion.
  • Resist the abrasion, wear and tear. Aluminum steel can prevent the plate from abrasion.
  • Ease and simply of cooperation. With one side is flat, making it easy to be fasten to the land.
  • Durable and long life. Stainless steel can assure the long term operation.
  • Decoration. The diamond plate especially the polished aluminum steel has perfect decorative function.


  • In the majority situations, benefit from the anti-slip feature, diamond plate is used as anti-slip floorings. Such as the workshop, running boards of cars, stair treads, subway, entrance of the bank vaults and design studios. You can also see them in the decks of ships, deck ladders and lifting equipments.
  • Due to the decorative function, the diamond plate is popular used in variety application. Such as the tuning cars, insulated trucks, refrigerated chambers, internal surface of trucks. Also it is often used in the decoration of furniture, tiles and cabinet.
A computer desk with the decoration of diamond plate.

DP-09: Diamond plate is used in the furniture.

A insulated truck inner surface covered by the diamond plate.

DP-10: Diamond plate is used in the insulated truck.

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